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La Triveneta Cavi is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees, suppliers, customers, and anyone else involved in the company’s business.

To provide a safe and healthy working environment at all production sites and facilities and to take adequate preventive measures to reduce the risks of work-related accidents and injuries, minimising, insofar as possible, the cause of the risks associated with the work environment.


La Triveneta Cavi has determined eight general objectives to ensure compliance with this policy. Workers’ health is safeguarded by a series of preventive measures which includes health surveillance by the occupational health physician as well as technical means and safety procedures designed to prevent accidents in the various operating units.

  1. Leadership and accountability

    Managers must be put in the condition to be able to assume a leadership role through the definition of their responsibilities and must have adequate resources and the authority necessary to achieve the required objectives and ensure that the safety policy is communicated, understood, and subject to periodic audits.
  1. Risk prevention

    It is important to be proactive, integrate health and safety procedures throughout all the stages of the project, technical service or manufacturing life cycle, and implement control standards that meet the requirements of applicable national and international standards and laws.
  2. Competence

    All internal and external personnel must be aware of the existing issues, and must have the training and experience necessary to effectively carry out their responsibilities.
  1. Selecting partners and contractors

    It is important to select and monitor contractors and suppliers who are able ensure services in compliance with our health and safety standards by communicating the requirements of the Safety Management System, including the policy.
  1. Change management

    In an ever-changing work environment it is important that the process for managing changes is taken into consideration in the safety plans.
  2. Crisis and emergency management

    It is important to identify potential crisis or emergencies before they happen in order to plan how to manage them.
  3. Accident analysis and prevention

    It is important to prevent future accidents by identifying the potential areas of risk and monitoring the trend in order to continuously improve health and safety performance.
  4. Reporting management and control

    It is necessary to establish procedures for reviewing the activities and to implement an accurate reporting process.

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