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Cable identification colours

Energy cables ≤ 5 conductors

(in accordance with CEI UNEL 00722, CENELEC HD 308 52)




Single pole Black
2-pole Blue, Brown
3-pole Yellow/Green, Blue, Brown
Brown, Black, Grey

Yellow/Green, Brown, Black, Grey
Blue, Brown, Black, Grey

(with reduced conductor)

Yellow/Green (reduced), Brown, Black, Grey
Blue (reduced), Brown, Black, Grey


Yellow/Green, BLUE, Brown, Black, Grey
BLUE, Brown, Black, Grey, Black

Signal and control cables > 5 conductors

(in accordance with CEI UNEL 00722, CEI EN 50334)


Numbered black cores with or without protective conductor


Our Company

Since 1965, La Triveneta Cavi has been one of the major players within the European market for low- and medium-voltage cables for various sectors (industry, home use, power distribution, renewable technologies). read all »

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Headquarter and Production Unit 1

Brendola (VI): Via Orna, 35


Production unit 2, 3 and 4

Brendola (VI): Via Alcide De Gasperi, 19 36040


Tolentino (MC): Contrada Le Grazie, 42 62029


Montecchio Maggiore(VI): Via Ettore Majorana, 9/10, 36075

Logistics unit

Brendola (VI): Via Giulio Natta, 48


Corporate info

La Triveneta Cavi s.p.a.
Fully paid-up share capital € 15.480.000,00
VI Bus. Reg. no. 21789
Economic and Administrative Index 197814 Tax Code 02782190157
VAT no. 01981240243 M/VI 002258